This is How Email Marketing Helps Small Businesses

Small business operators typically don’t have the budgets or time to compete with larger industry players on traditional marketing battlegrounds. However, the evolution of digital marketing has given rise to affordable, efficient, and effective ways for smaller firms to attract and retain customers. One area that you can’t overlook is small business email marketing.

The following is a look at several ways that small companies can compete with their larger competitors through high-quality email marketing!

Get Personal

You have likely long recognized that one of your greatest strengths as a small company is your ability to connect with and build personal relationships with your customers. In fact, in many cases, leveraging the intimacy you have to offer is the key to local success.

It is surprising, then, that a lot of operators fail to realize the same advantages apply to small business email marketing. Sure, a lot of owners know they need to participate in email marketing, buy software, and deliver messages. However, the content is all too often general, impersonal, not useful, and overwhelming.

Build campaigns that are tailored to the specific interests and motives of each customer. You can do this by investing a bit more in precisely segmented prospect lists and automated software that allows you to customize your content based on demographic, geographic, lifestyle, firmographic, or behavioral qualities of prospects and customers. The end result is each recipient gets information, resources, and offers that they like.

Be A Resource

Another common email marketing mistake small business operators make is to make every message a product pitch or a sales promotion listing. While some users might appreciate access to certain deals and discounts, the majority eventually find this content lacking in value. Thus, you lose readership and gain unsubscribers.

Instead, build a strategy where your primary goal is to be a resource. For each campaign or message, think about how the content adds value to the lives and experiences of the recipients. Ask the question,

“What are we offering here that the readers can’t get elsewhere, and that will cause them to view our company is a resource or solution to their particular problems?” 

People value resources and problem-solvers, and the net result is you become a consistent part of your market’s consideration set when purchasing products and services.

Less is More

As with many things, if you try to give people 10 great bits of information or things to ponder, the likelihood is that all get lost in the shuffle. Instead, concentrate each of your emails on one central theme or a few key categories or items. In doing so, you invite more attention and simplify the ability of your contacts to consume the most important content.

Include creative designs, attention-getting headlines, and interactive features to enhance the value of your content to achieve even greater results.


It is tough for small companies to compete against large firms with big budgets. Email marketing is an area where the playing field is leveled. You have as much opportunity to succeed as anyone else.

To improve your chances to compete with small business email marketing, start your free trial with Salesgenie and gain access to high-quality contacts that you can target with thorough and precise data.