How to Get the Most Value with Your Customer Data

Using customer data for lead generation is the new norm in business and sales. In fact, if you aren’t already doing this to some extent, you are likely trailing your industry competitors in optimizing productivity and profits. However, even firms that rely on data don’t always maximize its value.

Target Ideal Prospects by Utilizing One Database

The goal of using customer data for lead generation is to precisely identify the best possible targets that match your most profitable existing customers. However, painting the picture of the people you want to target using demographic, geographic, firmographic, and behavioral data is only part of the critical process. You need to seamlessly communicate with the desired prospects as well.

One of the best ways to carry out these activities efficiently is to use a service that allows you to not only upload your existing database for profile matching but also enables you to search, sort, map, export, and communicate with the identified contacts effectively.

Look for More Referral Opportunities

Regardless of all the fancy new digital methods used for marketing, referrals remain one of the best lead generation sources. The good news is that you can lean on your technology and customer data to expand your referral opportunities.

Use a software solution that allows you to quickly target prospects that live or work near existing customers. Discuss referral options with those customers or ask whether that customer has a relationship with the identified prospect. You can even use mobile app matching and routing capabilities to make contact and set appointments while on the road.

Complete More Efficient Sales Trips

Improving lead generation involves efficient use of time as much as it does to identify more people to contact. We recently discussed the importance of time management while on sales trips. Use of customer data is often the key to optimizing your time and resources. By combining customer and prospect data with mobile application tools, you can plot customers and prospects together on a map and plan meetings accordingly.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Since current customers are the best source of referrals and new leads, it makes sense to keep these people as happy as possible. By combining customer data with old-fashioned people skills, you give yourself the best chance to retain long-term, satisfied clients.

By constantly updating your customer accounts, you get a better picture of who they are as people and what matters to them. You can also improve your communication approaches and timelines to match with the preferences and expectations of each customer. Satisfied customers are usually happy to share the message with people they know.


The lead generation capabilities afforded by using customer data are substantial. However, your business can only maximize its potential by combining strong selling processes and tech tools to get the most out of it.

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