Salesgenie and Salesforce

4 Reasons Why Salesgenie CRM Integration is the Right Choice

The combination of Salesgenie’s real-time business intelligence with tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or other top CRM solutions, is powerful for your business. The following are several of the most compelling benefits of integrating Salesgenie with your CRM solution to boost your sales performance.

1. Get Away from Static Databases

Your marketplace changes constantly. So too does the importance of accurate and current data for optimized marketing and sales decisions. Salesgenie allows you to define and push real-time records updates and enhancements that give you optimal data at any point in time.

As prospects and customers move, for instance, addresses and contact information become outdated. A static database requires manual updates. However, most sales organizations don’t have the time or resources to manually resolve data issues.

2. Standardize Records

Salesgenie allows you to easily push leads directly from its database into your CRM program. It also is much easier to standardize your new CRM records by integrating Salesgenie. Standardizing ensures that reports generated through your CRM are accurate, thorough, and easy-to-understand.

Record standardization also allows your sales team to become familiar with the format and layout of data within contact records. Familiarity contributes to time savings and comfort when calling on contacts.

3. Increase Productivity

Because your sales team isn’t wasting time researching prospects one record at a time, reps can dedicate more time to converting leads into sales. This increased productivity has a direct impact on your revenue and bottom-line performance.

Your reps also can up-sell, cross-sell, and use look-a-like models to help grow your business. Look-a-like modeling plays on one of the simplest but most important rules of sales efficiency; your best prospects are those that have similar traits as your best current customers. You can target unique contacts each time by avoiding any issues with duplicate records.

4. Develop Customized and Optimized Predictive Models

Predictive analytics has become vital to sales productivity in the data-driven era. With Salesgenie in your CRM, you can develop customized predictive models that can be applied to your data.

Optimized predictive models ensure that you contact the right prospects with the right offers. Avoid much of the waste that impedes sales efficiency.

With enhanced business profile data, you can also score and prioritize leads more effectively. Enhanced data presents a clearer picture as to the types of contacts that are ideal for your business and particular solutions.


These are some of the most compelling benefits that come with Salesgenie when you integrate it into Salesforce or other top CRM solution. Each of these benefits contributes to your goals of converting leads into customers and driving optimized financial results.

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