The Best Marketing Strategy to Deliver Your Message

Your business is looking for new prospects. At Salesgenie, we understand that businesses just like yours are continually looking for new ways to utilize our data. That’s why we’re excited to share more about our Direct Mail Marketing Services with you.

Grow Your Business with Direct Mail

Direct mail has gotten a bad rap over the years. While there are still quite a few naysayers that have proclaimed the reign of direct mail to be over, the fact is that direct mail campaigns are not only still widely used – they produce noticeable results!

In fact, according to recent stats produced by Compu-Mail, 59% of U.S. respondents and 65% of Canadian respondents agreed with the following statement, “I enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products.” Meanwhile, 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.

At Salesgenie, we believe in helping businesses just like yours find new customers with our Direct Mail Services. By combining creative and print solutions with our industry-leading data at Salesgenie, we make it easy to send professional mailings to the perfect audience.

Salesgenie is happy to assist you with a direct mail campaign. We can design your mail piece or you can provide the artwork – whatever makes it easier on you. Salesgenie can also print, address, and deliver the campaign to your targeted mailing list.

When you work with Salesgenie to create a direct mail campaign, you’ll get:

  • Targeted Mailing Lists: Customizing your business or consumer list is easy with a wide variety of demographic and geographic selections.
  • Professional Design: Let our graphic designers create an eye-catching postcard, brochure, or letter for your business.
  • Cost and Time Savings: We can create, print, and mail a professional campaign in just a few days—without the big price tag.

How Can We Make Salesgenie Work for Your Business?

No matter what your direct mail goals might be, Salesgenie can help you reach them. Talk to our marketing experts today for ideas on how you can get the most out of your Salesgenie experience.