9 Ways to Earn Quick Wins in Sales

The first 90 days doesn’t apply to just presidential success. For businesses, the first 90 days set the foundation for what to expect from new sales representatives.

Will they need a lot of development (aka: time, money, and other resources)?

Or will they be a solid addition right from the get-go?

And seeing as how no one—including brand-new sales reps—wants to be seen as an underperformer, it’s important to show gumption right at the start.

Which sounds great—if only you knew how to make that happen.

So, let’s do some reverse engineering and ask a question to get started.

How can someone become successful in a sales role in only three months?

After all, sales success usually takes time. Yet “time” is the one thing most sales teams have in short supply.

But don’t despair—there’s still an answer.

Quick Wins!

sales wins

What is a quick win?

Think of quick win sales as ones that offer excellent results with very minimal effort. You can have it ready to go in a few hours or less, yet it has the potential to generate a big response, increase traffic, and much more.

While not a new approach to success, technology has made identifying quick win opportunities in sales much easier.

Deciding which quick win tactics to implement; however, will depend on your company’s goals. If you’re not familiar with the most pressing needs, ask your manager. Whether in need of traffic, leads, or more sales, you can align quick win tactics with the goals of you company for even greater impact.

9 quick win sales ideas

Send an email of value

When you want to make a sale, it’s natural to push the sale. But what if, instead, you let the value of your product or service speak for itself? Email is a free and simple tool that makes it possible to connect with many prospects in your pipeline over a short time period. And inside your email, you can add links to informative or educational content about what you’re selling.

This is effective because today’s savvy buyer doesn’t want to be sold to. Rather, they want to be informed so that they can’t make the best purchase decision without feeling pressured. By demonstrating value through email rather than pushy sales tactics, you win trust—which can ultimately result in more sales.

Amplify social media posts

It’s true that social media platforms have algorithms. And those algorithms determine what posts you see in your newsfeed. The more views, likes, and comments a particular post gets, the more likely it is to appear in the newsfeed of your followers.

Use this knowledge to your advantage! Ask friends and family to like, share, or comment on a post related to your product or service. In building up buzz by relying on people you already know, your post will become visible for a wider audience, potentially resulting in sales from new or surprising sources.

Utilize social selling

Here’s an interesting statistic: 78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who aren’t. And with over 3B active social media user accounts, it’s unfathomable that more people aren’t using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to gain quick wins.

With social selling, you use your company’s social media accounts to form connections with potential customers. Think about replying to their comments on your post or quickly replying to a direct message. Whatever enables you to build trust with prospects.

If you don’t have access to your company’s social media accounts, use your personal accounts to guide prospects to the business. Join groups whose topic align with what you’re trying to sell. If a group member posts a question or pain point you can help solve, jump into the comments!

BoFu offers

All prospective customers go through a sales funnel. The top and middle portions of the funnel contain leads who are still learning about you and/or deciding whether or not to purchase from you.

But at the bottom of the funnel (BoFu) are decision-makers. These leads have done their research on your product or service and are ready to buy.  Sometimes, these leads just need a tiny push and—PRESTO!—sale. Common offers you might send a BoFu dweller includes a discount, a free trial, a free sample, or a free demo.

Try Lead Scoring

This is the process of using numerical values to prioritize your leads based on the information they’ve submitted to you as well as studying the ways in which they’ve engaged with your brand.

Your business may already have a lead scoring system, offering quick win opportunities, or you may need to create one yourself which may result in a longer timeline for obtaining wins. But ultimately, assigning value to customers based on their behaviors will make it easier to determine how likely they are to purchase a specific product or service. Armed with this information, you can make more informed decisions about where to invest your time.

Repurpose content

Creating content can take a lot of effort. Yet most businesses only post newer content. The latest blog or video is what appears on their social media.

However, many content pieces are evergreen meaning they can be used again and again because the information captured still applies. Review the content that your company has created and determine which pieces are evergreen. Share this content to your social media and amplify it as described above. Or utilize it to add value to an email you’re about to send.

Create a retargeting campaign

Did you know that you can capture information about people who visit your website but don’t purchase? And from there, you can design targeted ads which are placed on other sites they visit, encouraging them to purchase your product.

Retargeting campaigns are highly effective because you already know the customer has interest—it’s just a matter of reminding them you’re there. That reminder can be all that’s needed to win the sale.

Segment your list

One way to personalize the experience of individuals on your list (and earn their business) is to show them they are more than a number to you. Tailoring your communication to their tastes, budget, and experiences is an easy way to grab their attention and earn a sale.

Referred to as segmenting, this essentially means sorting your prospects into groups. While the initial sorting will undoubtedly take you some time, setting this infrastructure up within your CRM can help you earn quick sales.

Build up business proof

You can make promises about what you’re selling until you turn purple. But what today’s customers really trust isn’t the person trying to sell to them. It’s the experiences other people have had with your product or service.

Make a point of researching reviews and collecting ones that shine to include in your next email. Or request feedback from customers who have made a purchase and turn it into a case study that you post on your website. Studies show that 88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, you can never have enough!

Now, here’s the bottom line: At the end of the day, you as a sales rep have no control over whether or not someone give you their money!

What you DO control are your actions. And action is at the heart of quick wins, no matter how much sales experience you have.

Some examples of actions you can take to help you serve up some quick wins in your role include:

  • X number of phone emails sent per day
  • X number of follow-up conversations attempted per week
  • X number of social media comments made
  • X number of value-based assets sent to warm leads
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