CRM integration

How To Integrate Salesgenie Into Your CRM

We can integrate Salesgenie into your CRM, which even provides value to companies with well-defined sales and marketing tools. This is the cleanest and most efficient way to connect constantly changing business and consumer data to your everyday workflow.

We make data integration painless through our Salesgenie Connect suite of APIs. For example, once you have an audience of prospects identified in Salesgenie, you can set up an automated push of that data into the system you want and as often as you need it.

These solutions also allow for searching and matching on all of our databases inside of your proprietary solutions. Our APIs help you find and deliver our prospecting data as well as validate and enrich your customer data. Use cases include registration form fills, plotting data on a map, validating customers at point of sale, routing inbound calls, and more possibilities your developers can test in our sandbox.

If you already use Salesforce™ or Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, you have two additional options. First, you can navigate Salesgenie directly through a tab in your CRM and push data into your accounts, contacts, and leads. Second, you can compare data from your existing CRM fields to the information from Salesgenie then enhance, up update, content inside an account, contact or lead.