How to Maximize Online Sales Leads

In today’s digital world, consumers are bombarded with information. They have to sift through the noise to connect with the businesses they want. As a business, your job is to not only generate leads through the sea of competitors, but also to convert those leads into customers. In order to make the most out of your leads, you’ll want to adopt some conventional wisdom.

Know your customers and prospects

You likely have a social media presence. When someone likes a post or retweets your message, they’re not asking you to contact them with a sales pitch. What you do want to pay attention to is the content that gets the most likes or most shares.

For example, if you run a plumbing business and post a simple how-to explanation on Facebook that draws a lot of attention, you can reasonably assume your audience enjoys the how-tos, and may consider posting more of those. The idea is that people will come to rely on you as a resource, and when they need a plumber, you will be their first call.

Now, they might call with a question and not a service request. Your answer could either turn them off or turn them into a real advocate for your company. So that next call is not only a service request, but their network of friends and family will think of your business when they have a similar need.

Just remember that tailoring your content to your audience is key, and avoiding a pushy approach with a casual audience will keep you from losing prospects. Let Salesgenie help you find the right targets when you need help.

Use technology to your advantage

When you are finally ready to deploy a campaign, you will want to track the effectiveness of your messages. Who opened your email, who read it, who clicked on the link you included – these are all metrics you should be tracking. This way, you’ll know who has been converted from prospect to customer, and who no longer belongs on your email list.

Tracking software can help you be more efficient and target the right customers, therefore maximizing the leads you have. Salesgenie uses lead status, tags, follow-ups and notes to turn its tracking and delivery reports into actionable marketing improvements.

Pitch the right offer at the right time

Designing the exact right campaign is a key step in making the most of your online sales leads. In fact, designing a mix of complimentary campaigns is best, leveraging a multi-channel marketing approach. After you know who your audience is, and you have the software you need to manage your campaigns, you will need to figure out what offers appeal to your prospects.

Additionally, you want to deploy that campaign at the time your prospects are most likely to buy. Too far out and your message will be lost. Too close to the decision time and you might be too late. Look at your website and social media analytics to see the times those are most active. That can be a starting point.

Finally, you want to reach your prospects in the way they prefer to be contacted. Is that a sales call, email or direct mail? When they are researching online? It’s likely all of the above if it’s put in the correct order and maintains a consistent message. Message, timing and delivery are everything. Salesgenie’s marketing services can help you close the deal. Making the most out of your online sales leads will help you become a more effective, successful business.