How to Quickly Grow Your Small Business

Small-business owners have ambitions for growth just like their larger-sized peers. However, what they typically like is the time to invest in strategic planning and implementation.

The following is a look at some of the challenges you face as a small-business owner and the value of outsourcing lead management support to a solution like Salesgenie!

Building Lead Generation Strategies

With a self-managed approach, you have to first develop a strategy for generating leads to drive growth. Advertising strategies are an option, but success is dependent on achieving an adequate return on investment. Inbound marketing strategies have become more common, as companies attempt to develop content that aligns with the path a typical buyer takes with online research.

Inbound strategies take more time than money. Unfortunately, you may not have the time to plan out a thorough inbound strategy or be able to delegate a full-time person to this role. Imagine dedicating the time required, only to attract inaccurate sales leads with incomplete data.

Creating Attractive Communication Pieces

Even when you identify strategies to target your buyers it takes even more time to develop promotional materials that attract the interest of prospects. You probably can’t take time away from high-priority tasks to design customized email templates for each type of audience you want to reach.

Direct mail is another promotional strategy to go after a target audience. In fact, direct mail has been revived thanks to increased access to high-priority target markets. You don’t have to worry as much about waste when you send mailers to targeted prospects. What you do have to worry about, though, is not having the time to craft mailers that won’t get thrown in the trash right away.

The Value of Outsourcing

Don’t just throw your hands up and let a lack of time prevent you from growing your business. The primary purpose of the Salesgenie portfolio of solutions is to help time-strapped business operators grow through lead management support.

With Salesgenie, you simply acquire access to filtered leads that match the targeted criteria you want. You get a constant flow of business or consumer leads that match your profitable customer base.

Salesgenie also has expert solutions for email marketing and direct mail. We have graphic design professionals that work with you to create customized design for your messages. Plus, with our email marketing solution, you have access to hundreds of beautiful templates that you can align with particular campaigns.


As a small-business owner, you need to dedicate your time to leading your time and building a high-quality customer experience. However, you also need to grow your business to drive profits and to attract capital. Time is an obstacle. However, Salesgenie offers well-rounded solutions to mitigate your limited time for lead generation strategies.

Start your free trial of Salesgenie right now to see how it can help you grow your small business!