You need a clear target in mind to get the most value out of your lead generation.

The Best Lead Generation Begins With This

Sales organizations constantly attempt to discover the magical secret to success with the best lead generation campaigns. In truth, it isn’t magic, or luck, that generates the results you want. It is recognition that no campaign works unless it targets the right people.

The following is an overview of the critical importance of targeting the right people with the best lead generation campaigns.

The Logic Behind the Secret

Optimized campaign designs, message strategies, and delivery channels all contribute to success in lead generation. However, none of these matter without a clear target in mind when you build your campaign.

Targeting the right people is of primary importance in virtually all communication systems. A college class in robotics is of limited value to people interested in a career in early childhood education, for instance.

You won’t get the response you want with any type of marketing communication piece if you don’t get it in front of people who care about what you have to say.

Attracting Initial Interest

The first step in the buyer journey is acknowledging that a need or problem exists. Thus, the first objective of the lead generation process is to attract interest as buyers enter this stage.

The only way to attract interest is to align your message with the precise needs, motives, and concerns of the targeted consumer or business segment. Your targeted persona guides the development of campaigns and delivery channels that are optimal for success. Learn as much as you can about who your ideal customers are and how they behave.

Guide the Buyer Journey

Savvy sales organizations don’t just let the buyer journey play out and hope that it produces a qualified lead and eventually a sale. Instead, they target ideal customers and guide them through the journey with a particular product landing page as the pre-sales call finish line.

As buyers react to your campaign messages, leverage automated tools to improve message accuracy. If a person responds favorably to a call-to-action, a prepared campaign piece is delivered. This next piece may be an email, a document download, a mailer or another form of marketing or sales communication.

Guiding the buyer journey can help you ensure you don't lose your leads in your sales funnel.

Build Your Lead Generation Strategy

After someone engages with your content, it is easier to personalize and automate your campaign execution. However, in the beginning, you must identify the traits that make someone a highly-qualified prospect for your business.

The Salesgenie database and marketing solutions are set up for this very benefit. You can filter millions of contact profiles on comprehensive demographic, geographic, firmographic, and behavioral data points. Take your lead generation a step further with Target Ready™ models pre-built for companies targeting qualified leads in certain industries.


Your first priority in lead generation is to get a clear picture of your ideal customer profile by identifying traits of the most qualified leads. Then, leverage the Salesgenie solutions to efficiently build your contact list and then prepare professional communication pieces.

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