The New Face of Digital Marketing

Data-driven marketing and customer experience focuses are the top two “most exciting” opportunities for organizations in 2018, according to the latest Adobe digital trends report.

Coincidentally, Salesgenie’s focus for the last year has been improving our customer experience and laying the foundation for full-circle digital marketing solutions.

A new addition—digital marketing audience, also called display counts, are available. They join our other integrated tools such as email, direct mail, and dialing solutions. The display counts show you how many people in your audience can be served display ads as part of your outreach campaigns.

Display ads show up where your prospects visit online through both social media and popular websites. This makes them a perfect complement to email and direct mail. So why not warm up your leads across multiple channels before your first actual meeting?

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or just getting your feet wet, you can get hands-on consulting from our experts in digital marketing to create the most cost-effective campaign for your business.

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