The Reason You Need to Track Sales Performance

Meet your goals, faster

Have you ever set a fitness goal? Chances are you utilized a variety of tools to help you reach it. Perhaps you counted calories through an app on your phone. Maybe you tracked your steps or your heart rate with a fitness bracelet.

Just like staying fit, staying on top of your team’s sales efforts can take quite a bit of dedication. Nonetheless, at Salesgenie we believe that when you’re able to track your performance, you’re more likely to reach your sales goals. That is why Salesgenie Team offers you the ability to track the progress of your individual sales team members. Additionally, you can view and track the progress of your lead lists, ensuring you know exactly where your sales goals stand, any time.

Just like you hold yourself accountable to meeting fitness goals one day at a time, you can easily hold members of your sales team accountable to their daily, weekly, or even monthly sales goals with Salesgenie Team. Find out where they’re succeeding, where they might be struggling, and how you can step in to help them succeed.

Don’t let a daunting sales goal intimidate you or your sales team. Instead, get help from the experts at Salesgenie. We’ll help you set and meet your goals.