This is What Makes a High-Impact Email

Data Axle Genie’s Email Campaign Builder gives you the ability to develop and deliver high-impact email messages to reach a targeted contact list. The blend of benefits includes precise targeting, effective design and performance tracking.

Following is a more detailed look at 10 reasons why Email Campaign Builder is so successful!

1. Targeted Email Lists

Targeted messages typically make a huge difference in whether recipients pay attention to your email campaigns. Data Axle Genie enables you to utilize many filters to refine your target for a campaign so your message resonates with the exactly right audience.

2. Hands-On Support

Trying to use a high-quality technology solution without support is often frustrating. Data Axle Genie experts help clients deliver hundreds of thousands of messages each year.

3. Privacy Protection

You trust Data Axle Genie to offer you email leads that we’ve gathered honestly and appropriately. Our company follows all laws and industry guidelines on securing and protecting contact information.

4. Deliverability

A great message without an effective delivery system is of little value. You need assurance that your email marketing campaign reaches your intended audience.

5. Design Possibilities

An effective message design and layout has a tremendous impact on the readership and response rates of e-mail campaigns. With Email Campaign Builder, you have options to use one of our templates, design your own message or work with our professional designers on a customized look.

6. Social Integration

Social integration allows you to extend the impact of your message by engaging recipients on social channels. Email Campaign Builder allows for easy integration of your preferred social media tools.

7. Detailed Reporting

Don’t overlook the importance of measuring results and fine-tuning your message strategies. Data Axle Genie gives you secure, online reporting so you can measure important data like open rates, click rates and bounce rates.

8. Mobile Optimization

A large percentage of your email leads will open your messages on a mobile device. It makes sense, then, to utilize a program that tailors the look of your message to each device — desktop, tablet, or mobile.

9. Simplicity

Some email programs are too complicated. It takes a long time to get your design and copy in the right places. Data Axle Genie Email Campaign Builder is simple to use without high-level HTML or tech skills.

10. Data Axle Genie’s Commitment to Your Email Campaigns

Perhaps most important, Data Axle Genie is totally committed to your ability to develop, deliver and evaluate your email campaigns. Watch a short video on our website that shows the Email Campaign Builder in action!


With emphasis on all facets of planning, creating, delivering, and tracking your email marketing campaigns, the Data Axle Genie Email Campaign Builder is the right tool for your business. Our program is easy enough for you to manage your own campaigns, but we also offer professional support throughout the process if you need it.

Start your free trial with Data Axle Genie today to experience the benefits of Email Campaign Builder for yourself!