Even with digital technology tools, building a thorough internal lead generation strategy takes a lot of time.

This is Why Salesgenie Offers the Best Lead Generation

So you want to know why Salesgenie is the best marketing tool for lead generation. Salesgenie’s subscription services will help you keep the leads coming. Here’s what you need to know.

The Challenge of Traditional Approaches

Traditional approaches to generating sales leads require dedicated time and effort. Sales reps in many organizations schedule as much as an hour or two each day for identifying and contacting new leads. Inability to contact leads as quickly as competitors is another drawback of manual lead development.

Even digital lead generation approaches, such as using LinkedIn and other social tools, takes time. On LinkedIn, reps could spend a lot of time each day looking for new sales leads, and be lucky to find one or two good targets. Content marketing strategies require a carefully constructed path to attract prospects and capture their contact information with a strong call-to-action.

Lead Generation Alternatives

In many cases, the best solution is to find a way to acquire new leads without forcing your reps to take a lot of time and energy from other steps in the selling process. Several recent studies show that revenue increases by 10 percent and lead nurturing is more efficient, when organizations automate lead generation.

Outsourcing the generation of business leads is one option. However, this strategy requires regular interaction between the outside firm and your sales team. Plus, the costs may exceed the value. Salesgenie offers another alternative, which is to simply source a high-quality database of existing contacts. Salesgenie updates its database daily and is able to deliver a steady, daily supply of targeted sales leads that match your interests.

Benefits of Salesgenie

Salesgenie is a subscription-based service. You simply pay the regular fee and get access to the targeted prospects you seek. The biggest benefit of this subscription model for acquiring sales leads is that it takes the time investment and hassle of sourcing leads out of your team’s hands.

Additional benefits of using a subscription service for business leads include:

  • Cost-Savings: When you effectively integrate your leads into your lead nurturing stage, you save time and money.
  • Trackability: Marketing and sales departments rely on the ability to track performance for consistent improvement. Salesgenie allows for tracking of lists as well as individual rep results.
  • Collaboration: In addition to holding team members accountable, the tools equip reps with a central location to communicate, share notes and update progress.


Traditional strategies for driving sales leads are time-consuming. If your team lacks the time or desire to maintain a consistent flow of incoming contacts, explore alternatives. Outsourcing lead generation is one strategy, but Salesgenie offers the convenient and effective ability to subscribe to targeted lead lists.

Start your free trial of Salesgenie to experience the benefits of subscription-based business leads for yourself!