Use Salesgenie Lead Manager to Simplify Your Sales Cycle

You already know that Salesgenie is the best place to find sales leads. But if you haven’t had a good look inside Salesgenie lately, you may not realize that we’ve recently taken lead management to a new level. Instead of downloading your leads and working them in a spreadsheet (or whatever external process you may be employing), you can now use Salesgenie to find, view, sort, qualify, and manage your sales leads—all in one place.

Take a Look Inside

Earlier this year, Salesgenie Lead Manager was added to every account for free. Users now have access to powerful features that add efficiencies to the sales process, including:

Improved Sorting and Viewing Features

Get a sleek, fluid view of your search results that makes for faster searching and sorting. Now you can quickly see your record count, resize and reorder columns, locate records by assigned number, and choose to view 30, 60, or 90 records at a time.
Watch the Custom Views Video>>

Free Notes

Save notes and track follow-ups for every lead—all in one place, and all for free! Previously, credits were deducted upon entering notes. Now you can type freely, entering as many notes as needed in order to properly document what you want to remember the next time you work on the lead.

New Lead Status Icons

Is the lead hot or cold, or already a customer? Track lead status with eye-catching icons that can be seen in any view. Want only hot leads displayed on-screen? Now you can filter your list view by lead status, so the leads you are working on never get lost in the shuffle.
Watch the Notes and Lead Status Video>>

Updated Quick View Panel

Get an instant overview of key information for your sales leads, right from the search page. Find and view information on your prospects in the Summary tab, and even view your own feedback in the Notes and Tags tab.
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Easier Lead Tagging

Have an internal do-not-call list? Want a better way to track products or services offered? Tag it! Tagging is a great way to add labels to your leads—and Lead Manager makes it fast and easy. You can assign multiple tags to each lead and later search, filter, and refine by your tags.
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Give It a Try Today

Ready to simplify your sales? Log in to your Salesgenie account. Or give our marketing experts a call at 866.660.3112 for a short demo. Don’t have Salesgenie? Sign up for a free 3-Day All Access Pass.