10 Buying Signals You Need to Know for Success

A customer’s body language, questions, and buying signals can indicate their readiness to make a purchasing decision. Here are 10 things you need to keep an eye out for:

1. “One of my friends mentioned your product the other day.”
They’re familiar with your product by word of mouth. Referrals are typically your best source for new customers.

2. “I need to run this by my boss.”
They’re going to relay your information to the person with the power to make a purchase. This means they’re interested enough in your product to present it to their management.

3. “Do you have finance options?”
They clearly have buying your product on their mind. Now, they want to figure out how to make a purchase happen. They also can be thinking about pricing and consumer protection such as a warranty or satisfaction guarantee.

4. “What discounts are available?”
They’re interested in buying your product or service, but want some extra value tossed their way. It’s worth it if your customer lifetime value is greater than the amount you spend on extra incentives.

5. “How long has your company been around?”
They may buy into your sales pitch but want a sense of credibility from your company.

6. “How soon can you onboard my team?”
Time is worth money, and your prospect is going to want to know how soon they can utilize your services after buying.

7. They stopped using one of your competitors.
Now is the time to show your prospect exactly why they made the right choice of leaving your competition and are now considering giving you their business.

8. They’ve approached you with prior knowledge of your product.
This can mean they’ve been following you on social media or have read your website. They’re a knowledgeable buyer that doesn’t have to be treated like a stranger.

9. “How do real people like me use your product?”
Sometimes prospects will ask how similar-sized business or individuals have successfully used your product. Show them a testimonial to put them in their shoes.

10. “What do we do next?”
This is the easy one. If you hear this, you’ve already closed the sale.

Now, you’ve read about 10 buying signals that can help you identify where your prospect is in the sales process. Pay attention to these signs next time you’re communicating with potential new customers, and you’ll be on the right path for success.