3 of the Best Sales Prospecting Tricks People Forget

Implementing common strategies, insights, and tips in your sales prospecting can help you remain competitive in your industry. The companies that dig deeper into overlooked factors to sales lead generation success have a greater ability to move to the head of the class.

The following is an overview of some of the most important and overlooked factors that drive sales prospecting success.

Map Your Customer Successes

It is common for sales organizations to map their customer experiences. This process normally starts in the beginning, at the awareness stage of the buyer journey. This is the point at which a prospect first recognizes that a problem or need exists.

To develop a deeper understanding of what motivates your top customers, map your customer experience in reverse. Start with your top-converting customers, and then work backward in constructing the buying journey. Doing so allows you to ponder the critical questions that influence the prospects decision-making and thinking, and the resulting actions.

Achieve Efficiency Through Marketing Automation

Historically, many niche providers have failed to target customers with effective and efficient communication. Too often, businesses invest in campaigns to general audiences that have low response rates. Aligning marketing automation with CRM allows you to address these communication issues.

A recent report from Software Advice indicated that email marketing (at 32 percent) is one of the most sought-after features in a CRM solution. Companies want the ability to develop communication programs that are well-planned and well-designed but executed in an automated manner.

You can segment campaigns that target micro-segments even within a niche audience. Promote particular products and services to people based on profile characteristics or demonstrated buyer behaviors. Precise email communication enhances interest and attention in messages, as well as increasing response rates to them.

Improve Gross and Operating Margins

With a fully-integrated CRM program that touches all functions in your business, you can achieve greater gross and operating margins. Avoid wasted planning and contact time in your lead management by investing only in your most profitable market segments. Leverage the value of loyal customers that buy more over time as the relationship grows.

Your operating margins improve also as you fine-tune leads management processes and methodologies and minimize manual activities that cause delays.


These are some of the best and most often overlooked tips to achieve top-level results from your sales prospecting campaigns!

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