3 Sales Benefits of Outsourced Prospecting

Prospecting is a challenging and often frustrating responsibility for typical sales reps. Often, the effort put into lead generation can demoralize some salespeople.

Sales directors have turned to outsourced prospecting as a contemporary strategy to resolve this problem. The following is a look at primary benefits of taking on a partner to tackle your sales team prospecting objectives.

Energy to Focus on Nurturing and Closing

The biggest benefit to your team is the time and energy saved by not having to perform prospecting tasks. Instead, reps whose primary talents are best used in moving bona fide prospects toward conversion can make that their primary focus.

For leaders, the obstacle is identifying an affordable solution for outsourced prospecting that you can rely on to meet your lead generation goals. The Salesgenie Team Package is a differentiation solution designed just for this purpose. It includes an easy-to-use list builder that allows you to filter through a massive database of detailed profiles to target those that meet your prescribed buyer criteria. We have a nationwide database that includes detailed profiles on individual and business prospects.

Efficient Transition from Prospecting to Nurturing

The hand-off from lead generation to initial sales call is what concerns a lot of sales leaders. Some prefer to maintain control over the process and transition so everyone knows the prospect’s path throughout the sales funnel.

However, a dedicated solution for outsourced prospecting should assign the sourced leads to your team through email, phone or direct mail. This built-in transition mechanism automates and simplifies the movement of the prospect from initial capture through the start of the nurturing stage.

Systematic Campaign and Conversion Tracking

Another concern with outsourced sales team prospecting is the ability to track data. Your business needs to know which types of promotional campaigns and lead generation strategies attract prospects, and which ones provide prospects that convert efficiently. It is also important, at the point of transition, that your reps get a detailed profile with data they need for a great first call.

The Salesgenie outsourcing prospecting package for teams includes the ability to track your team’s activity along with custom analytics to monitor the success of your campaigns. You know which strategies work to convert top prospects into highly profitable customers.

Track your teams campaigns and conversions


We know the decision to outsource prospecting is not one that your company takes lightly. Therefore, we have prepared our sales team prospecting solution to address all common areas of concern in the process. You gain a strategic partner with the Salesgenie outsourced prospecting package, and your salespeople get to focus on closing deals.

Access to a full suite of marketing services, including direct mail, email, phone-dialer and our mobile app, is included when you partner with Salesgenie through the team package. Start your free trial now to see how it benefits your business!