4 of the Best Ways to Market to People Turning 65

The population turning 65 is often overlooked as a viable, specific market by a variety of industries. In the healthcare sector, including Medicare, this audience is a high priority because people turning this age are the major emerging marketplace. Getting in touch with prospects right away is a significant competitive advantage.

If your business similarly sells solutions that interest people turning 65, check out the following strategies for successfully targeting seniors!

Know Your Industry and Products

An important starting point in targeting seniors is knowing whether this is a primary or high-priority audience in your industry. In addition to healthcare, insurance providers, retirement or community centers, financial planners, prescription drug companies, and legal firms all offer products and services that offer distinct benefits to the 65-plus crowd.

Identify the Specific Benefits

Targeting effectiveness involves more than just recognition of who you want to reach; you also need to know the compelling need and specific benefits that matter to that audience. For Medicare providers, the benefits are apparent. People turning 65 typically exit other common insurance policies and rely on Medicare for health insurance during retirement.

In other cases, your business meets different needs for distinct markets. As an example, financial planners can promote benefits of earning income from retirement savings or planning for retirement needs when targeting seniors. Contrast these benefits with growth or income advantages you might pitch to younger workers.

Integrate Age with Other Factors to Create Precision

Even though it is one particular age, targeting everyone turning 65 is broad and too general for most providers. To optimize targeting precision, combine age with other demographic and geographic segmentation criteria. This approach gives you a more clear target and helps you to get even more specific when promoting benefits.

Common demographic factors beyond age include:

  • Gender
  • Income
  • Homeownership
  • Mortgage specifics
  • Marital status
  • Hobbies and interests

For local or regional providers, geography plays an important role as well. City, state, ZIP Code, county, neighborhood, and area code are among the key geographic segmentation criteria to incorporate into your market profile when targeting seniors.

Prepare the Right Message for the Right Channel

Message content when targeting seniors is somewhat apparent. The goal is to convey that your business offers the compelling benefits identified that address the primary concern of the buyer. Choosing the right delivery channels is a bit more complex.

Seniors often pay more attention to mailed publications and pieces than other audiences because they are used to receiving promotions this way. Don’t think seniors aren’t digitally connected, though. Online advertising via Google, social media (especially Facebook), and email have all proven effective at reaching people 65-plus.


Whether people turning 65 are your sole or primary audience, or one of several, targeting seniors requires well-devised strategies relative to targeting other markets. Know your industry and products and the benefits they offer to seniors so you can build a thorough customer profile that integrates other demographic and geographic factors.

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