4 Online Marketing Trends You Need to See to Believe

Typically, marketing trends usually reach a plateau and lose speed entirely. However, some trends are so dynamic that they continue to breathe new life and energy, resulting in increased momentum.

The following is a look at several key online marketing trends that have increased during 2017.

Big Data Keeps Getting Bigger

The big data trend has shown no signs of slowing. In fact, companies have increasingly adapted their culture to center on the influence of data-gathering and utilization, particularly in the marketing function.

A recent SmartInsights survey of marketers revealed that big data was a close second to content marketing among “top-rated digital marketing techniques” in 2017. One evolving factor in the use of big data is greater emphasis on behavioral data. Companies evaluate the volume, velocity, and variety of actions carried out by prospects when attempting to resolve a business problem.

Enhanced data with behavioral integration offers more direct insight on how customers go about solution investigations, which simplifies the process of developing effective and accurate promotional strategies.

More Use of Data Visualization

Reflecting back to the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words,” marketers are infusing more data visualization tools into their analytics system. Visualization tools include a variety of reports that plot data points on a visual map, which allows for faster and often simpler interpretation of what your data reveals.

Data visualization tools are available as standalone software solutions, but they are also normally integrated within full-fledged CRM or database marketing solutions.

Markets Getting Smaller and More Niche

Marketing continues to get more and more precise in its targeting. The days of mass marketing are gone in many industries. Instead, competitive sectors require that companies pinpoint precise customer profiles that have a genuine, natural enthusiasm for their solutions.

The challenges in leveraging this particular trend are two-fold. You have to develop a deep, thorough profile identifying the targeted buyer persona. Then, you need a strategy for preparing a contact list that reaches ideal prospects as efficiently as possible with minimal waste.

Increase Multi-Channel Analytics

Marketing is more multi-channel than ever. Companies recognize the benefits of getting messages in front of targeted prospects across a variety of communication platforms.

In the same way, expect more and more infusion of multi-channel analytics. It is not enough to know how prospects act and react on a single channel, you need to evaluate holistic behaviors across multiple channels to gain insights on the entire buyer journey.


These four major trends in online marketing are not going away. In fact, they continue to gain momentum as companies look for ways to optimize their budgets. To compete, you need to recognize what is happening in the industry around you and adapt your strategies to remain at the forefront.

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