4 Sales Prospecting Techniques That Will Change Your Life

Succesful sales prospecting is often dependent on how well you know your potential customers. Here are four things you can do to make yourself stand out from your competitors and attract the most qualified buyers.

The following is a look at several of the most effective prospecting techniques that help you differentiate your business in the marketplace.

1) Consider the Value of Time

Good salespeople consider the value a product or service offers to particular prospects when identifying proper targets. Great reps also consider the value of a prospect’s time.

Assess time in your qualifying activities in a couple ways. First, how much time will your prospects give targeted lead generation messages? For example, you need to use an impactful subject line and headline in your email to grab and keep your customer’s attention. Personalize these elements with relevant messages that inspire a prospect to learn more.

Take into account the prospect’s time in relation to the need for the solution as well. Understanding how your solution gives a business buyer or consumer more time to spend on preferred activities helps you better establish your marketing position.

2) Show Understanding of the Problem

Within your sales prospecting techniques, show that you understand the key problem that your targeted consumer or business buyer faces and how your solution addresses that problem. This immediate communication of awareness attracts interest.

You can then leverage the initial interest by offering more in-depth content through an eBook, report or another piece of content that invites the prospect to provide an email address or phone number.

3) Have a Plan

One of the most common prospecting mistakes is to spontaneously employ one-off strategies to attract customers. Instead, develop a plan that includes coverage of your intended audience, channels for communication and message content.

Build campaign plans for each specific market you want to reach for each given solution. You might use a mix of phone calls, emails, direct mail, and other communication approaches to reach your audience. The platforms that work most efficiently can vary from one target market to another. Include flexibility for analyzing success as you put your plan into practice.

4) Put Money Into Professional Pieces

It doesn’t cost a lot to produce professional emails and direct mailers nowadays. Yet, the response you generate from great communication is powerful. The combination of affordable pieces and a strong response contribute to high-return on investment. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in professional messages that attract attention from the people you want to reach.


These sales prospecting tips can help you drive more sales leads that you have a chance to convert into customers. With Salesgenie, you can build your targeted contact list with in-depth profiles and create professional pieces to attract attention. Start your free trial today!