How to Use Targeted Prospecting to Find New Customers

It would seem that winning new customers should be a prime concern for any small-business owner, and it often is for most. However, finding the time and resources to prioritize small business prospecting is difficult with the many other leadership responsibilities you typically face.

The following is a look at several strategies for winning customers for your small business by overcoming obstacles!

Target the Right Prospects

Wasted time and resources spent going after anyone and everyone is a common reason small business prospecting fails. Doing so will haphazardly throw resources into prospecting without a clear plan and target.

Before you invest time and money, build in-depth profiles of the right consumers or business buyers that match your offerings. The more depth you add, the greater your ability to efficiently use your resources. A number of new prospecting solutions exist for small businesses that enable you to affordably pinpoint the right targets. Salesgenie, for instance, has small-business owner solutions that allow subscribers to search with many data filters to create targeted contact lists.

Manage Your Leads Efficiently

Figuring out which new customers you want is just step one in achieving desirable results. You next need to know how to efficiently sort and manage leads to go after the right people. The Salesgenie Lead Manager™ is offered to help small companies do just this.

A lot of small companies don’t have quality database systems for managing and tracking leads. In some cases, operators don’t believe they can afford such tools. In reality, tools like those available from Salesgenie are very efficient and affordable. Common features include the ability to customize your prospect profile views, generate notes and tags in accounts, and update status accounts for each communication tracking.

Create Optimized Marketing and Sales Campaigns

When your team has deep and clear views of people in your small business prospecting pipeline, they can build better marketing and sales campaigns. Lead generation marketing campaigns are more relevant and personalized when prepared for specific buyer personas. Salesgenie offers direct mail and email marketing solutions, for instance, where clients can work with dedicated experts to build quality campaign materials that appeal to targeted contacts. We also have certified expertise in creating search campaigns through Google and Bing.

Your sales reps can also improve conversion rates and help you win more customers with precise, accurate prospect profiles. They have more ammunition for pre-call research and can engage each prospect with messages that matter. Updated notes on customer accounts allow for growth in relationships with contacts throughout the opportunity pipeline and after initial purchases.


Winning new customers may seem overwhelming when you weigh this objective against many other goals you have as a small-business leader. However, resources exist that help you build efficient profile targets, manage leads, and executed optimized marketing and sales campaigns.

Salesgenie is a great partner throughout these small business prospecting stages. Start your free trial now to see the value for yourself without any risk!