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6 Proven Ways a Mobile Lead Management App Boosts Lead Generation

The quality of data available on top prospects is tremendous when you have an excellent lead management tool. However, since many reps spend a lot of time on the road, that means your ability to use the data to the best of your abilities is compromised without mobile lead management capabilities.

Let’s look at some of the most important benefits of a mobile app for lead management to optimize results from your best sales leads!

Get the Best Available Leads

Wasting as little time on the road as possible is already a concern for busy sales reps. You don’t want to invest more time calling on prospects who aren’t your most qualified leads.

A great mobile lead management app allows you to access filtered data on a large database of accounts so you can pinpoint the right ones to contact from the palm of your hand. Salesgenie, for instance, offers access to 25 million business leads and 245 million consumer leads.

Find Contacts Near Your Current Location

In addition to filtering contacts by demographic, geographic, or firmographic data, a mobile lead management app helps you identify contacts based on proximity to your current location.

Imagine a rep walking out of an appointment and discovering a message that an afternoon meeting has been canceled. Rather than returning to the office to set up another appointment, you can source contacts near you and quickly arrange a visit.

Search for Consumer and Business Contacts

Whether you target consumers, businesses or both, a quality mobile app lets you search for consumer and business contacts. On the consumer side, you get a number of targeted factors, including name, contact details, location, and behaviors. For a business contact, filter based on such criteria as job title, location, company size, and industry.

Acquire Personal Contact Names

The ability to pull up contacts from a mobile app is of little use if you don’t get direct data on the ideal person to target. With the Salesgenie mobile lead management app, you get a direct connection to the decision-maker you want to reach, such as a business owner.

Pull Up Saved Searches

In some cases, you don’t have the time or the desire to conduct prospect searches from the road, especially if you are driving. Therefore, it may work better for you to complete prospect searches from the office and then pull them up later on.

Use your mobile app to pull up previous searches so you can make calls or review notes ahead of a meeting.

Get Routing Directions

Transportation efficiency is also important to optimizing your time investment as a seller. Your mobile lead management tool can function as your mapping and routing tool as well.

Use your app to get routing directions from your current location to your next scheduled stop for the day.


The benefits of a mobile lead management app are clear and overwhelming. Any sales rep that spends a good portion of the day or week on the road can achieve efficiency and accuracy benefits when calling on prospects or customers.

Salesgenie mobile app is designed with these benefits in mind and allows you to enhance the value of our lead generation solution. Check it out risk-free when you start your free trial!