Data Axle 50th Anniversary

Data Axle Turns 50: A History

We’re celebrating 50 years of data and marketing solutions from Data Axle and our complete suite of products, including Salesgenie.

As the go-to source for data and marketing solutions that businesses rely on to find, acquire, and retain customers, Salesgenie (a division of Data Axle) has been granting the wishes of business owners for nearly 20 years.


Companies require accurate data to better understand individuals as well as entire businesses or industries. And Salesgenie makes that possible for our customers with only a few clicks. Salesgenie also offers additional products and services that have been built to meet the needs of our customers.

Since 2004, our easy-to-use platform has given business owners all the tools they need to grow and meet sales goals. And while our name has changed a few times, everything else about us has remained the same.

We’ve got the scoop, below.

The evolution of Salesgenie

Salesgenie History

Salesgenie is a product that evolved with time, based on the needs and wants of customers.

Originally, our offerings were simple: We created lists that were provided to mobile home manufacturers.

In time, we took the name American Business Information (ABI) in an effort to demonstrate our ability to compile customized lists for companies—something that was becoming more and more in-demand. In addition to recording the entire Yellow Pages to the ABI database, the company sought ways to offer marketing services that could help those same customers not only find but also acquire and retain their customer base.

It was in 1998 that ABI changed its name to Infogroup. And six years later, in 2004, the first iteration of Salesgenie was born. It was to be an annual subscription service that customers could use to access the business database or the consumer database through CD-ROM on a desktop computer.

It was a bold and forward-thinking idea—and one that became a big hit among Infogroup customers. And over the next 18 years, Salesgenie, a division of Infogroup, continued to push the envelope on the boundaries of what was deemed “possible” including the offering of turnkey solutions that would help customers engage in both acquisition and retention efforts.

In 2020, Infogroup changed its name to Data Axle. Through this rebrand, the company remained committed to providing its customers the solutions they relied upon while simultaneously offering a streamlined product.

The new name is shared by all of Data Axle’s present products including not only Data Axle Salesgenie but Data Axle USA, Data Axle Reference Solutions, and Data Axle Polk City Directories. The name acknowledges that each solution is based on business intelligence derived from data.

At Salesgenie, we’re honored to be part of Data Axle’s 50-year history which has included the purchase of several competitors including:

Digital Directory Assistance (1996)
Database America (1997)
Donnelley Marketing Inc (1999)
Polk City Directories (2001)
Exact Data (2021)

What’s more, we’re looking forward with what is to come. Because if we’ve learned anything over the last nearly 20 years, it’s that our customers rely upon us to stay ahead of the curve—so that their businesses aren’t overpowered by the competition.

Current Service Offerings

At Salesgenie, we’ve faced our share of challenges since 2004. But with Data Axle behind us, we’ve continued to orchestrate the perfect list of offerings for our customers. That’s because it has never mattered what type of marketing or sales need a customer has had—we’ve either had a solution ready or created one that aligned with their needs, including:

Consumer leads
Consumer Marketing Leads

Utilize our industry-leading database of 309 million consumers and reach customers who are in need of your product or service. Choose from over 175 attributes when building your list so you only make connections with your likeliest customers.

Search by:

  • Estimated income
  • Gender
  • Households with grandparents
  • Neighborhood
  • Other detailed information
Business lists
Business Marketing Lists

Discover new contacts using our industry-leading database of 17.3 million business contacts. Reach companies who are most in need of your products or services right as they are looking to purchase! A variety of search selections ensures you can quickly contact the right businesses.

Search by:

  • C-Suite Level Employees
  • Square footage
  • Fleet size
  • Carrier route
  • Other detailed information
Direct mail
Direct Mail

Creating a mailing piece that gets a great response is easy with help from Salesgenie. Direct mail is the perfect opportunity to get more eyes on your service, new location, free trial, or limited-time coupon, and make a more personal connection. Choose from popular mailing styles including postcards, brochures, or even letters.

Email Services

Send professional-looking, effective email marketing campaigns with help from our marketing professionals. Send an email campaign to your targeted list of prospects so that you can quickly share news about upcoming specials, or promote your products and services.

Search Engine Marketing

Start advertising in front of prospects who are already thinking about purchasing your product or service. With SEO you can implement effective campaigns designed to get you noticed—and grow your bottom line!

Display ads
Online Advertising

Reach your ideal customers as they browse their favorite websites through online display advertising. Our marketing experts will help you design your advertisements as well as your online advertising account.

Social Media Advertising

Let us help you reach your targeted audience within 2 billion active users on Facebook™, 800 million users on Instagram™, and 500 million members on LinkedIn®. Increase your brand recognition, improve customer loyalty, convert more clicks into sales, and more with social media ads.

Data Enhancement

Save time and money when you always connect with the right audience. With data enhancement, you can take advantage of our industry leading business and consumer data to update and add missing information to your customer files including mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, geographic information, and much more.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Boost the response of your next marketing campaign when you pair two or more of our marketing services. Choose from things like acquisition-based email services, direct mail, online advertising, calling campaigns, and much more.

Good data is our bottom line

While one or all of these marketing services could be helpful, the most important piece of the puzzle over the years for our customers has been quality data. Because without that, your business can’t succeed—no matter how much you market or sell.

That is why Salesgenie is committed to investing millions of dollars every single year and dedicating over 300 full-time researchers to help ensure every single business and consumer record in our database is kept up to date.

In other words, when you purchase our mailing and email lists, you can expect to get the highest data quality for your sales, marketing, research, and reference needs.

Are you curious about how we put together our business and consumer databases? Here is an overview:

20 Million

Calls Each year

Business Data

Gathered from a variety of public sources like daily utility connections, annual reports, user-generated feedback, new business filings, public directories, and even press releases. Our team stays on top of it all by making over 20 million calls each year to verify everything.

100 Sources

collected from

Consumer Data

Collected from over 100 different sources including real estate and tax assessments, bill processors, behavioral data, voter registration files, and other hard-to-find sources, Salesgenie’s Consumer Database goes through a full rebuild monthly, setting the standard for quality data.

Needless to say, we’re proud of our near 20-year history. But we’re even more proud of the 50-year history we share with our parent company, Data Axle.

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