The Best Sales Routing Strategies and Mapping You Need to Know

Time is money in sales, and much of a typical field rep’s time is spent on the road. Thus, the more efficient your sales routing strategies, the greater your efficiency and return on time investment.

The following is a look at some of the key strategies for sales mapping and routing for prospect and customer visits. Pay special attention to the importance of leveraging available tech tools and features that create synergy with strategic mapping and routing systems!

Plot Contacts on a Visual Map

For a rep on the road, the ability to quickly identify, call on, and visit a nearby contact is vital to efficiency. When you upload your customer data to Salesgenie, you’ll be able to plot prospects and clients on one map for easy visibility.

Within the map, you can hover over pinned contacts in the area, and get quick profile data on the consumer, or firmographic details on a business and decision-maker.

Use One-Click Routing

The days of plotting an entire day’s route in advance with little room for adjustment are long gone. Too often, reps in the past have been burned by cancellations, schedule gaps, and other unpredictable circumstances.

With a quality mobile prospecting app, you can click on an identified contact and efficiently map the route. This strategy allows for a faster decision on which contacts to visit in which order, and the fastest trip to that destination.

Eliminate Wasted Trips

Eliminating wasted trips is more impactful than efficient routing. With a quality mobile database app, you can tag contacts based on the level of communication priority.

Additionally, you can suppress contacts that don’t match your ideal customer profile in the best way. This makes it faster to identify the best prospects and clients to call on from the field.

Integrate Call Routing Rules

Planning and technology combined allow a sales organization to structure incoming sales calls in the most effective way. You could, for instance, match incoming phone numbers or area codes to the appropriate field rep based on location or previous communication with the caller.

Rules vary based on whether the incoming call is from a new or established person. With a new contact, call routing rules are often based on geography or phone area code. With existing clients, database tools allow you to route the call to the support department or salesperson-of-record.


A combination of intelligence and technological capabilities enhance a sales organization’s ability to leverage the time a rep spends in the field. As a leading partner to top sales teams, the Salesgenie Customer Data solution is designed to facilitate the strategies discussed here.

Don’t waste any more time with inefficient travel or calling on prospects in the field that aren’t high priorities. Get a risk-free experience when you start your free trial!