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The Best Way to Create Direct Mail for Your Target Prospects

Recent studies show that direct mail is at an all-time high as far as readership levels and response rates. The primary reason for that is that many companies are doing a much better job targeting the right prospects with a high-impact direct mail piece.

We have previously addressed the value of precise targeting. Now, let’s take a look at traits of a high-quality direct mailer!

Size and Type

You can succeed with many conventional and contemporary types of direct mailers, including postcards, letters, brochures, and catalogs. Overall, response rates should be strong with each format when you target the right audience.

However, recent studies suggest that postcards and oversized mailers typically exceed the response levels of standard letters. Postcards have the advantage of not requiring the recipient to open the piece. Oversized mailers are harder to ignore than a letter and allow for creative packaging and design.

Attention-Getting Packaging

If your mailer looks and feels like a pitchy “sales letter” to a recipient, it is more likely to get tossed. Therefore, if your budget allows, invest more in quality packaging with standout features.

Padded, durable, high-quality envelopes signify value beyond an ordinary number 10. Get even more attention with a box or non-standard package type that drives curiosity among recipients. Some companies include product samples with collateral materials to demonstrate benefits and to drive goodwill sentiment among prospects.

Personalize the Message

Personalize your piece as much as possible. Using the recipient’s name as opposed to “Resident,” “Household Member,” or a similar generic label is a great place to start.

Create even more impact when you tailor the design and external messaging to the particular interests of the customers you target. A prospect is more likely to pay attention if the images and visible text align with their need or interest at that time.

Invest in Colorful Design

Sending out 100 cheap mailers that lack design appeal and getting no response is usually worse than investing more in 100 aesthetically-pleasing mailers that get five or 10 people to complete the desired action.

In considering the design of your piece, think about the use of color, bold or attention-getting text formats and overall scheme. Eye-catching designs are critical during the few seconds you have between mailbox retrieval and the trash to reel someone in.

Salesgenie offers an all-in-one Direct Mail and Turnkey Marketing Campaign solution that allows you to target your audience with our professionally-designed mailers. You not only reach the right people, but you do so with an attractive an affordable piece.


Saving money is important when finding the right marketing solutions, but a moderate increase in your budget can produce significant returns. With direct mail, the size, format, packaging, personalization and design scheme each contribute to generating a response.

Contact us now to discuss how you can reach your buyers with professionally-designed, affordable direct mailers!