This is Why Quality Data Makes a Big Difference

The capabilities of targeting prospects with customized, personalized messages are strong with a quality CRM program. However, incomplete or inaccurate data can grind progress to a halt. The more detailed and thorough your contact profiles, the better the odds that your marketing and sales team can deliver effective messages through channels like e-mail and direct mail.

The following is a look at some common hurdles caused by bad data, combined with a view of the primary benefits of a high-quality marketing database and promotion solution like Salesgenie!

Understanding Your Audience

Complete and accurate prospect profiles are necessary for effective analytics. It is hard to build a clear picture of your target customers if you don’t have solid data to support your reporting.

Deep, diverse data that covers the traits and behaviors of prospects is vital. You need to connect buyer characteristics with their journey to identify the best targets for your company’s solutions.

Message Development

A deep understanding of your audience is beneficial to message development as well. Along with a diverse mix of profile data, the Salesgenie 360 program allows users to shift from data intelligence to personalized message delivery through one solution. You don’t experience a disconnect between your customer database and your marketing tools, which often detracts from efficiency and effectiveness.

Personalized e-mail marketing and direct mail services are major components of the Salesgenie 360 solution. Based on the profiles established through data intelligence, craft a message that offers a targeted value proposition and deliver it efficiently to those buyers you believe are ideal for a given solution.

Track Results and Refine

One of the problems with databases is a lack of ongoing data verification and profile updates. Data gets old and obsolete over time, which detracts from your efforts to present personalized marketing and efficient selling communication. Salesgenie constantly updates the data in its massive subscription system. Therefore, you gain access to up-to-date prospects that fit your target profile.

Another way to stay current is by tracking the results from your marketing solutions. You can analyze open rates, click-throughs, unsubscribes and bounce rates on e-mail marketing, for instance, which helps you figure out which messages work well with particular solutions and buyers.


Current, complete data is the lifeblood of personalized marketing. Keeping self-contained databases updated is a monumental task for many marketing and sales teams. Salesgenie is a subscription-based service firm that specializes in maintaining a current, accurate database of contacts for you to pull from. The Salesgenie 360 allows you to comfortably shift into high-impact marketing and tracking programs without requiring another platform.

Start your free trial today to see why Salesgenie helps you best meet your efficiency and effectiveness goals with database marketing!